5 Reasons We Use Social Media | Edudemic

5 Reasons We Use Social Media | Edudemic.

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Recently, I was asked to write on the topic of Facebook and Twitter regarding why they are so popular and why a business would want to use them.  As the assignment progressed, I realized that there are some distinct differences for small versus large businesses but the spirit remains the same.  Why wouldn’t you use social media to engage customers?

This blog hyperlinked here does a nice job at summarizing what exactly makes social media such a powerful tool.  It measures monthly membership on an abundance of social media sites with Facebook coming in at 1 billion active users each month as of January 2013! People are also spending more time than ever on social media…again Facebook wins the race at 405 minutes or just shy of 7 hours per month!  The big thing is that social media is habit-forming.  People find it very hard to separate themselves from real life when they are engaged in social media.  I can attest to this as I feel the need to post pictures on Facebook every time I make a gorgeous and tasty dinner.  The unique point is that social media influences life offline.  I think was a truly unintended spinoff for social media.  Perhaps, because people stay more engaged with friends and groups, they are more aware of activities and thus stay more active offline.  And finally…social media helps businesses!!!  In fact, according to this blog “65% of small business owners said social media helped them stay engaged with customers”.

Without a doubt, social media is a powerful tool and does not look like it’s going anywhere soon!


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons We Use Social Media | Edudemic

  1. I had never really thought about the fact that social media influences SOCIAL behavior. It makes so much sense, though. When I think about social media, I think about cultivating online communities – people who share an interest or passion for something. That doesn’t always correlate with the place that you live or the people that you tend to hang out with, but when I think about it, it probably does correlate much of the time!
    Personally, my social media network consists primarily of people in my local community. And we do share many of the same interests – outdoor recreation, good food, good deals, good music… And I DO feel more connected with my community when I keep up on facebook, tend to have my finger on the pulse of events and activities in my area, communicate with people about these things and actually attend more often than if say, one friend mentioned something to me.
    I bet that this translates over into business as well. At least local business. Social media gives local businesses an opportunity to stay on the radar of the community by being an active part of the community. So, when that business chimes in with an upcoming event or special, the people that already have a relationship- a connection – with that business are even more inclined to participate and to spread the word.
    Interesting thoughts!! Thank you!

  2. Melissa,
    I am one f those people who is addicted to Facebook. I really don’t post very often but I do like to share the occasional picture with my family and read about what’s going on their their lives mainly because they are scattered throughout the country and we do not get to talk often.
    I can see where social media could play an essential part for small businesses. There are billions of potential consumers using social media at any given time. Social media levels the playing field between big and small businesses by providing the same marketing tools to all businesses without regard to the size of the business. Local area businesses, such as general merchandise stores and grocery stores, needed this leveled field in order to compete with the likes of Walmart and Target. I agree with you that social media is a powerful tool and I, too, believe it is here to stay.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. One of the wonderful things that social media does is instill trust in a product or service provider. On these social networks, we are primarily connected to people with whom we share common interests, experiences, or some other emotional tie. If I see a large number of my friends “liking” a product or see a positive conversation about it, I am likely to believe that this would be a good product for me to try with my family. Of course, this can work against a product as well!

    Social media is powerful, and here to stay….but I wonder how long before we have a new way to connect – one that in no way resembles Facebook, Pinterest, or Vine, but is something entirely new for marketers to consider and add to their repertoire….

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