Can the iPad Rescue a Struggling American Education System?

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 7.38.41 AM

Check out this great article that dives into an interesting phenomenon in today’s day and age…the many uses of the iPad including becoming a “necessary” piece of digital media in our kids’ school districts.  While I wouldn’t necessarily call the iPad “emerging media” in the sense of advertising…I would call it “emerging digital media” and it truly acts as one of the many new devices that consumers are receiving true “emerging media” on.  In one of my past posts, I talked about location-based marketing and how consumers are searching their cellphones and iPads all day long looking for stores and services nearby…so….I thought this post was fitting.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts on iPad’s in schools.  I personally have mixed opinions about our children’s priorities shifting to playing with multitudes of technology in school versus learning standard cursive (that’s right…our school systems no longer teach it).  The priorities are shifting and I see the value of the iPad but I worry about the emphasis on it.

One of the key components that worries me within the article is the “social” aspect of the iPad in school where features can be enabled for schoolmates to ask each other questions and even to interact with their teacher or professor.  I definitely think some limitations need to be placed on an age restriction and a content restriction.

What are your thoughts on mixing education, iPads, and social media tools in today’s schools?


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