Groupon is getting smarter???

Groupon is getting smarter???

What exactly is a “Nester”? I just got this email this morning and I don’t recall anything about being a “Nester” in fact I am a mom with 3 young children.  So…I decided to investigate and came up with no specific answer, but I do have some theories.  For a while now, Groupon has had the capability to be personalized for likes and dislikes but it is getting even more sophisticated. 

Take a look at this photo:

Select the exact category you like and even the reason behind why you like it to ensure more similar deals in the future.

Select the exact category you like and even the reason behind why you like it to ensure more similar deals in the future.

This is a selection screen that has become highly sophisticated…basically showing the viewer some Web 3.0 like capabilities.  I guess based on what I buy or on what I skip over, the Groupon system has labeled me a “Nester”.  I would have to say this is an epic FAIL on their part to categorize me and especially do it very wrong.  I am young! With young kids!  Worse thing you can call me is a “Nester” like my parents are.  

Advice to Groupon:  pick some unconventional classifiers so the customer doesn’t understand what you are doing by categorizing people.



3 thoughts on “Groupon is getting smarter???

  1. It doesn’t really sound like Groupon is getting smarter. I think it would make more sense for them to not provide the user with the category they are putting them in. Especially when they get it wrong like they did with you. It’s good that they are having you pick a category but I can’t say that their approach is the right way to go about things. The term “Nester” dates you and as woman that can completely turn you off to a company. The last thing women want to feel is old or know they are put in an old category, especially when they are still young. I like what Groupon is doing to personalize their deals but they need to realize that just because they are labeling their customers, doesn’t mean we have to know it. Good post!

    • I agree. By calling me a “Nester” I immediately thought of someone my mom’s age with no kids in the house. Like you said, its a good idea to like certain categories of products or services but to have a certain formula that then takes those selections in order to come up with some special category? Not needed, not necessary, and not the best way to attempt to tackle a Web 3.0 type scenario.

  2. Speaking to a couple of friends that have used Groupon for what you pay and then the way the coupon works you can actually lose money if you are not careful. I have seen a decline in resturaunts working with Groupon.

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