Honda & SongPop: A Fantastic Advergaming Concept


            A person’s cell phone is a very personal entity and it consumes a person’s everyday life, goes with them everywhere and is customized according to their preferences.  Based on this information, it makes sense for advertisers to attempt to “invade” this personal space without seeming pushy.  Some ways to do this are to be fun and interactive, and most of all…wanted.

            Honda created “an immersive mobile social gaming advertising campaign as a part of the 2013 Honda Civic launch” (Sumner, 2013). Honda partnered with MediaBrix to launch the first “fully integrated, immersive and interactive advertising experience within SongPot, a popular social and mobile game with over 60 million players developed by FreshPlanet” (Sumner, 2013). By tapping into the new and exciting world of advergaming (mobile gaming) as well as mobile advertising, Honda has created something fun that consumers will want to interact with.  Supporting this concept are the facts.  “The just released MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming report is bullish on the performance of social gaming ad campaigns as mobile gaming video ads deliver an average CTR of 3 percent, 30 times higher than the CTR of standard banner advertising campaigns” (Shayon, 2013).

            This new campaign reaches across multiple forms of emerging media including Facebook, mobile and tablet games.  The goal from Honda’s perspective is to initially “drive awareness among social gamers who love music and trivia” (Sumner, 2013).  Honda and MediaBrix have done a terrific job to fully integrate this advergaming concept across the brand.  For example, Honda is the first automotive company to “feature a branded playlist on SongPop, which includes music by the featured artists in the Civic commercials” (Sumner, 2013).  This really creates continuity across the brand while offering additional subtle branding that the consumer may not even realize right away.  Soon though, through conditioning, the consumers begin to associate those selected songs with Honda.

            MediaBrix has two powerful advertising products that were integrated into this campaign: SocialFusion and SocialFlex.  The SocialFusion helps with the conditioning just mentioned as “the Honda brand becomes an integral part of the gameplay through a free branded playlist, inspiring positive brand recognition and association among the dedicated massive SongPop user base” (Sumner, 2013).  The second part, SocialFlex offers a more direct advertising approach by offering “Honda a way to expand the brand experience through high-impact video advertising featuring the 2013 Honda Civic” (Sumner, 2013).  SocialFlex offers the users a non-disruptive experience and is delivered in the natural breaks of the games.  Banner ads also run on the bottom of the mobile screen, which helps Honda, integrate the advergame with the mobile advertising piece.  Take a look at a screenshot below.



            The final piece to this puzzle that Honda got right was that they launched it in conjunction with the 55th Grammy Awards “in order to drive awareness among social gamers who love music and trivia” (Tode, 2013).  They mixed some traditional advertising during the Grammy Awards show in order to help launch the short run social media and in-game contextual marketing campaign with a music theme (Greenberg, 2013).  While it is still too early to find out the results of this campaign, given SongPop’s extreme success and the success of advergaming overall, it would not be a far leap to make in saying that Honda most likely saw some great results from this campaign.


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A Look Back At BMW’s The Hire, Branded Content In The Dark Days Of Online Video

2001 sales rose 12% from 2000.  2 million people registered on the BMW site, more than half asking for more information via e-mail.  And a whopping 94% of the people who saw the films recommended them to others.

via A Look Back At BMW’s The Hire, Branded Content In The Dark Days Of Online Video.

This week’s lesson in my IMC program focused on “short films” and how they are still a growing segment of emerging media.  The interesting thing is from 2000-2001 when You Tube didn’t even exist, BMW managed to make 8 short films and translate them into success.  Check out this fellow blogger’s site to dive into the theories as to why some current commercials and short films are great as far as entertainment value (Volkswagen Passat- Darth Vader, Toyota, etc.) but did not result in an increase in sales.  BMW got huge bang for their buck.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts on this fellow blogger’s ideas as to what made BMW successful!

(Shout out to Kimberly Maxwell for an outstanding analysis of BMW that prompted this blog post!)

How much are Facebook Fans worth?

How much are Facebook Fans worth?.


Check out fellow IMC blogger Amanda Sains’ most recent blog post.  It is a fantastic look at how much Facebook fans are truly worth.  Because Facebook and social media in general are so new and changing the face of marketing as we know it, its been a challenge to pin down exactly what that means!  How much are Facebook fans worth?  Do they truly drive sales and increase value?  The answer is YES and Amanda’s post is extremely informative and can offer a lot of great information with some facts to back it up!


Can the iPad Rescue a Struggling American Education System?

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 7.38.41 AM

Check out this great article that dives into an interesting phenomenon in today’s day and age…the many uses of the iPad including becoming a “necessary” piece of digital media in our kids’ school districts.  While I wouldn’t necessarily call the iPad “emerging media” in the sense of advertising…I would call it “emerging digital media” and it truly acts as one of the many new devices that consumers are receiving true “emerging media” on.  In one of my past posts, I talked about location-based marketing and how consumers are searching their cellphones and iPads all day long looking for stores and services nearby…so….I thought this post was fitting.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts on iPad’s in schools.  I personally have mixed opinions about our children’s priorities shifting to playing with multitudes of technology in school versus learning standard cursive (that’s right…our school systems no longer teach it).  The priorities are shifting and I see the value of the iPad but I worry about the emphasis on it.

One of the key components that worries me within the article is the “social” aspect of the iPad in school where features can be enabled for schoolmates to ask each other questions and even to interact with their teacher or professor.  I definitely think some limitations need to be placed on an age restriction and a content restriction.

What are your thoughts on mixing education, iPads, and social media tools in today’s schools?

Groupon is getting smarter???

Groupon is getting smarter???

What exactly is a “Nester”? I just got this email this morning and I don’t recall anything about being a “Nester” in fact I am a mom with 3 young children.  So…I decided to investigate and came up with no specific answer, but I do have some theories.  For a while now, Groupon has had the capability to be personalized for likes and dislikes but it is getting even more sophisticated. 

Take a look at this photo:

Select the exact category you like and even the reason behind why you like it to ensure more similar deals in the future.

Select the exact category you like and even the reason behind why you like it to ensure more similar deals in the future.

This is a selection screen that has become highly sophisticated…basically showing the viewer some Web 3.0 like capabilities.  I guess based on what I buy or on what I skip over, the Groupon system has labeled me a “Nester”.  I would have to say this is an epic FAIL on their part to categorize me and especially do it very wrong.  I am young! With young kids!  Worse thing you can call me is a “Nester” like my parents are.  

Advice to Groupon:  pick some unconventional classifiers so the customer doesn’t understand what you are doing by categorizing people.


Rocking SOcial Media: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Rocking SOcial Media: Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Check out this blog post which talks about mastering social media in as little as 30 minutes per day.  The most important part of this infographic is where it talks about strategy.  Not only is a marketing strategy and content strategy important, but also a time management strategy.  Marketers need to have a clear vision of their overall plan and also how they are going to execute it.  For the social media component, many companies are hiring whole social media teams but what if you are a small business?  Does social media seem overwhelming?  I think this infographic provides some nice tips on how to maximize your time and social presence.  It covers the highlights from the big social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and more.  This is crucial as more consumers want to engage digitally with businesses and a lack of presence can actually turn consumers off to the brand or business.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.32.30 AM

What are your thoughts on the ideas on how to maximize your time on social media?

The Value of Networking

Having lost my job in late December and being offered a new job in early March, I would say that I am lucky to have found something so quickly.  But…am I lucky or did social networking play into things?  Check out this article in Washington Technology which discusses the role of social media in terms of networking and specifically Linked In.

Here are a few fun facts listed in the article regarding Linked In:

  • LinkedIn has over 205,000,000 members – all business professionals, and this number is growing
  • There are over 1,634,775 groups for all manner of business activities (also growing)
  • 2,914,311companies have profiles (as of  1:58 PM, 3/31/13; also growing)
  • In 2012 there were 160 million unique visitors to LinkedIn every month (also growing)
  • In 2012, over 5.7 billion searches were conducted inside LinkedIn (also growing)
  • The Fortune 500 are all here
  • Washington Technology’s Top 100 are all here
  • Finally, Linked In is OLDER than Facebook!

While I utilized Linked In to grow my network, I learned some interesting things about my “friends” that I did not know before and I was able to utilize some of those people as resources where I may not have done so in the past.  I’m not sure if it got me my new job but it certainly helped.  But networking is not the only value of Linked In.  Here are data from a survey conducted about why people are utilizing Linked In as referenced in this article:

“A Forrester study commissioned by LinkedIn last year shows the top reasons decisions makers turn to social networks for business”

  • Learn from trusted peers – 58 percent
  • Quickly find information – 40 percent
  • Relevant context to connect with vendors – 37 percent
  • Access to a broader network — 49 percent

Another fact that has shown up in numerous studies over the last year is that companies that are active in social networks are growing much faster than those with less or no activity. In short, laggards are losing marketshare.

Bottom Line:  Businesses need to start considering Linked In as not only a way to grow their network but also to grow their business.  We are in lean times financially, and perhaps more business deals and learnings could take place utilizing a social networking site such as Linked In.